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Not a Break-Up Song 2.26.20

"Not a Break-Up Song" is the about those times in relationships that people don’t talk about... in-between total heartbreak and complete happiness, when you feel like your relationship is #doomed.

This is the anti-break-up song when you and your partner decide you don’t have to end. It’s about overcoming and not turning into a break up song...

9 Lives 1.31.20

"You can't kill a bitch who won't die."

Mama Cleo is that bitch - she has 9 lives, and some dude is not about to beast her. But let him think he can.

This is dynamic a jazzy dark pop song about being more than a survivor. It's about just how deceiving looks can be.

Responsible 7.2.19

Mama Cleo’s latest ode to self-possession, “Responsible,” which she describes as a track about seeking ownership over all aspects of yourself, “The good and the bad, and refusing to listen to other’s advice. For better or for worse.”

Love Is. 4.20.19

Two songs "Freedom" and "Safe" that capture the inner world of a relationship; what is love? Love is a fight for freedom and the feeling of returning to a sacred space with your loved one at the end of the day.