MAMA CLEO Release of Responsible Music Video and Feature in YAYLA! Mag

Mama Cleo released her video for “Responsible” today, July 25, 2019.


YayLA! Mag covered the premiere stating:


“LA-based electropop funk artist Mama Cleo is woman on a mission: to make you dance, to question the status quo, to embrace the purest vision of yourself.

Today, Yay! LA presents the music video for Mama Cleo’s latest ode to self-possession, “Responsible,” which she describes as a track about seeking ownership over all aspects of yourself, “The good and the bad, and refusing to listen to other’s advice. For better or for worse.”

Shot in elegant black-and-white, the video showcases contemporary dance choreographed and performed by Kanie Freeman. Her primal, sensuous display of physical liberation serves as a powerful compliment to the emotional landscape of the song.

“You can never change a girl who can’t be swayed” she croons. Perhaps not, but hopefully Mama Cleo can get you to move your ass.”


Watch the video here:


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