Diary: Losing a Friendship

A few months ago, I discovered through a Facebook post that my best friend from elementary and middle school is pregnant with her first child. I was surprised by how much the news affected me.


Before high school, our paths diverged. I was going off to a performing arts school far away and this friend was staying at home at a Catholic school we originally planned to go to together. From the moment I told her the news, our entire relationship changed. I felt as if she resented me. She no longer spent time with me, talked to me, or anything really. I was crushed.


To this day, I still feel the effects of it. It sounds dumb, sue me – but whatever :P. Now, she is about to have her first CHILD, and I can’t be there for her or celebrate it because of some petty difference we have. I don’t care about merits or differences – I love her for her because she was my best friend.


Here are some lyrics I wrote about this. Maybe it’ll be a song one day.


I know boys can break your heart

But it’s nothing like losing a best friend


It’s been ten whole years

Still feels like yesterday


That’s the worst heartache


Is it something I did? Was it something you said?

I don’t care about the race.


It’s not me vs. you

I want to be there for you


That’s what matters


What happened?

You were my best friend


What happened?

You were my best friend


But I guess things change

Wish they didn’t

It’s such a shame

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