"Mama Cleo puts the HOT is psycHOTic"

- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Imagine if Madonna and Amy Winehouse had a love child: this artist is that and more.

Mama Cleo is both a sizzling force of nature and a heartfelt old soul. Her emotionally raw music draws from her love of jazz and RnB. However, the rhythm of her music captures influences from growing up in the urban metropolis of New York City. There she fell in love with late 90s pop, rap and hiphop beats, and the Latin music her Cuban and Puerto Rican parents kept on all day, which can be heard in her music.

Obsessed with creating, singing, and impacting culture, Mama Cleo is psyched to bring her music and a lot of motherly love to her audience. She is a woman on a mission, ready to take over the world with her supporters, who she refers to as “babies.”


© 2020 by Mama Cleo.

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